Top the greatest record in Summer Olympics all time

Here we continue to share top the records in all games of Summer Olympics. Through our ranking, you can imagine a part about history and development of Summer Olympics during seasons.

8, Mark Spitz

In the Summer Olympic in 1972 at Munich, Mark Spitz broke new series of records for swimming which made surprising and admiring for anyone.

During 8 days for competition, he could set total seven gold medals at other kind of types like the 100 meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle, butterfly, 4×100 meter freestyle, 4×200 meter freestyle and 4×100 meter medley.

The fact, in the Summer Olympic in 1968 at Mexico, he was expected to capture 6 gold medals for the American team. But he made disappointed when only having two medals.

To response love and hope for fans, he broke a new record with 7 gold medals which noone has ever reached before.

9, Rulon Gardner

During history of wrestling in Summer Olympics, the Russian always was leader all the time with all gold models.

However, in the Oympics 2000 at Syndey, the American- Rulon Gardner could change history and remark new period for pro wrestling at the USA.

In ghe final match, his opponent was Karelin who was considered as the greatest wrestler in this decade. Karelin was the most potential player for winning as history of the last Oympics seasons.

However, Gardner took down Alexander wonderfully before surprise and interest of everyone. This victory was to prove that history could be changed when you tried to reach it. Although the American team had just got experience about wrestling since the last season while the Russian team always were champions, the American could change result sweetly.

As a consequence, Gardner made new legend for wrestling at the super heavyweight.

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