Top the best international sporting events you should know (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to refer top the best sporting events in the world which you should follow and enjoy. This is a great time to relax and discover new aspects about the world, the human through sports.

From the former article, we refer Olympic Games as if the biggest event for almost sports in the global scale and the UEFA Champions League as if the biggest football competition in club scale. Now, we share other sporting events as following.

3, Cricket World Cup

It is the most expected event for any fan of cricket.

The International cricket council is the highest governing association to organize it every four years. However, the women’s cricket tournament is held two years before the men’s cricket tournament, so on average two years, spectators can watch one season of ICC.

According to survey, ICC is one of the most prestigious events in sport. Whether you are a fan of cricket or not, you should watch it to discover special things about sports.

Therefore, ICC is considered it as the flagship event for all cricket competitions in the world.

The first season was organized in Jun 1975 at England. It received good feedbacks from experts and spectators. 

Nowadays, England, Australia and South Africa are maintaining top 3 best cricket teams in the ranking. 

4, Super Bowl

This is an annual football championship in the USA which is the good result of merger between NFL (National Football Conference) and AFL (American Football Conference) to create peaceful and developed football.

The fact, NFL and AFL took a long time for dispute, separate to meetings to go the agreement. So, the local in USA expect and love this event.

Instead of putting name by year, the Super Bowl is split by the Roman Number. The Super Bowl I was organized in 1967 and continued to maintain until now.

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