Top the best international sporting events you should know (Part 1)

There are millions of sports officially held every year. And per competition has different meaning or purpose. However, they have the same goal to connect people from all over the world into one community.

If you are a fan of sport, you should follow our article to know the most famous sporting events globally. Now, we share top the best international sporting events for your reference, including all fields and all scales.

1, Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is on the top of list sporting events. This event attacks thousands of athletes as well spectators from around the world to participate in a wide range of fields like football, volleyball, swimming, running so on. Because it is organized with a large scale, it is considered as the sport festival for everyone.

Estimated that there are more than 200 countries to register the Olympic game. Depending strength and weakness, per nation has the right to participate sports they expect to reach the medal. 

For per athlete, reaching any medal in the Olympic Games always is the most important goal in his career to make frame during history.

The fact, this festival is a treat for all nations, athletes and fans of sports.

The Olympic Games is split into 2 seasons: Summer and Winter Olympics, per season is held every four years but they have a gap of two years each other.

2, The UEFA Champions League

This is the biggest football tournament in the Europe. It is also voted as one of the most prestigious competition in the world when it collects top-division clubs in other nations in Europe to compete in the UEFA and find the Champions for this continent.

This event was organized in the first time in 1955. The first rule required that only the champion club of per nation had the right to participate this event. Then, it was changed into the round-robin group stage from top-division of per nation. 

It becomes a symbol of football in the Europe.

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