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Chinese fans turned their backs on Sun Yang fishermen

The attitude of social media users in China has suddenly changed dramatically. They turned to apologize to the fanciful Mack Horton, and criticized Sun Yang’s “darling”.

On Twitter, users continue to attack Sun Yang. They think that Chinese swimmers are only good at deceiving people. The wave of support for Horton appeared more, on the contrary, the criticism of Sun Yang increased over time. Some Chinese fans apologize to Horton for thinking this swimmer is wrong.

Horton and Sun disliked each other from the Rio 2016 Olympics. Australian fishermen accused their opponents of being “a fraud” because of the doping scandal. At the 2019 World Championships, Horton refused to stand on the podium with a Chinese swimmer. It was a tournament that Horton lost to Sun Yang.

Horton’s actions have faced a lot of criticism from Chinese fans. They think this swimmer disrespects his opponent. On social networks, Horton receives a lot of “bricks and stones”, threats. The majority of them are from Sun Yang fans. However, the wind seems to change direction.

On February 28, CAS banned Sun Yang for eight years for violating the Doping Prevention Law. The swimmer smashed the blood sample box after being asked for doping tests in September 2018. Nor did he give any compelling reason to explain his actions

According to AFP, the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) criticized Sun Yang for “showing no remorse” after violating the Anti-Doping Law.

During the hearing before CAS, Sun Yang repeatedly clarified that doping testers did not report their identities and documents showing that they were competent in their work. The way they behave is thought to be very unprofessional. This caused Sun Yang to rage, resulting in smashing blood samples.

According to the full CAS report published on the website, Chinese fishermen blamed doping testers and their associates. He has no “apologetic” attitude, nor is he responsible for his actions. When the proceeding took place, the Chinese swimmer insisted on blaming others.

Evidence of Sun Yang’s doping test is incomplete The CCTV video may be important evidence to help Sun Yang appeal. On February 28, Chinese fishermen were banned from playing CAS for 8 years by not conducting a doping test.

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