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Top 5 football clubs with the biggest number of fans (Part 1)

Football is a sport with a huge number of clubs. Let’s find out the top 5 football clubs with the most fans in the world through the following article.

Chelsea – 135 million fans

Chelsea has spent a significant amount of money on buying Russian players from Abramovich. This has brought this club a lot of great achievements in nearly a decade.

Among them, there are the Premier League title in the 2014-2015 season, the 2012 UEFA Champion League, etc. So this team is loved and watched by many fans around the world.

Real Madrid – 174 million fans

This is the royal team of Spain and is a nightmare for many clubs, big and small in the world. Real Madrid also did not hesitate to spend a large sum of money on the transfer of players.

The biggest deal they have ever made is Cristiano Ronaldo – a Portuguese superstar. Therefore, this team is highly appreciated and has a large number of fans.

Arsenal Gunner – 196 million fans

Arsenal Club is also the team in the list of 5 football clubs with the most fans in the world. With 13 national championship titles and 12 FA Cup records, this club is considered the most successful name of English football. Therefore, there are a large number of fans in the country as well as in the world.

Barcelona – 270 million fans

This is a team with very good performance on all fronts. They were once praised by experts as the greatest team in football history. This football team uses Ti-ki Ta-ca very attractive and unique way.

Especially, with a cast of high-class players like Messi, Xavi, Neymar, etc. brought viewers the peak matches, emotions and full of surprises. So Barcelona club owns a huge number of followers ranked 2nd in the world after MU.

MU Red – 354 million fans

This is the world leader in the number of supporters. This club is the pride of the whole world in terms of play, style and especially famous names in football. This is the follow-up choice of many fans.

Above are the top 5 football clubs in the world that we share to you. With these suggestions will definitely help you get information about famous teams in the world to track easily more effectively. Wish you have fun relaxing moments in the matches.

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Bale’s image is getting worse to Real Madrid fans

Gareth Bale was booed at the Bernabeu fans by coach Zinedine Zidane in the match of Real Madrid in the La Liga round 14.

Gareth Bale is becoming the focus of criticism at Real. After being brought on the pitch in the 67th minute, every time Bale touched the ball, the four corners of the Bernabeu stands gave boos, as well as a mocking banner aimed at the Welsh player.

The future of Gareth Bale at Real is very dim. Despite repeatedly missing Real’s games due to injuries, Bale was still able to play two full matches of the Wales team in the EURO 2020 qualifying round in the recent focus.

Bale had a celebration to upset Real fans with the banner “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In That Order”. This message can be understood as: With Bale, the first priority is the Wales team, the second is golf, then Real Madrid.

This provocation caused him to receive much criticism from Real fans. The climax was in the victory over Real Sociedad, despite a 25-minute effort to appear on the field, the former Tottenham player was still booed by the Real fans.

Even mocking banners aimed at 30-year-old players with the content: “Rodrygo. Vini. Lucas. Bale. In that order”. It can be understood that this message is that Gareth Bale is only the fourth choice for the winger position at Real, behind rookie Rodrygo.

Coach Zidane must speak out to ease the situation. Goal quoted the French coach: “I hope this will not continue. We always want our fans to stand side by side with the team. Fans have the right to do what they want, we can’t control it. Bale is a good player who wants to contribute to the team and aspire to play like other players.

With the victory over Sociedad, Real continued to share the top position of the La Liga rankings with Barcelona, ​​both teams getting 28 points after 13 matches.

In the middle of next week, Real will have a match with PSG in the Champions League. The opponent that they lost 0-3 in the first match.

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