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Sporting industry and millions of dollars for economy

Sport is considered as a good industry up to millions of dollars to contribute to develop of economy and society. It’s completely suitable when we conclude it.

As far as you know, star athletes can earn millions of dollars from prizing, salary as well advertising contracts for big brands. Because they are talented in their sports, spectators are admiring and easy to be persuaded by brands they do as actors, ambassadors. They bring good signals to promote products, therefore many company invest budget to employ or invent them. It is natural sport players can have many source for earning.

To understand more information about connection of sporting industry and economy, you can follow our analysis.

The last previous we refer to earning money of federation in FIFA World Cup. Now, we continue to discuss it in NFL.

After FIFA World Cup, NFL is regarded as the most valuable sporting events which is voted by Forbes’s list with the capital about 379 million dollars. Furthermore, NFL is involved in politic issue so it is more noticed by fans and normal spectators.

Recently, the National football league has approved a new policy about banning footballers using a knee in the national anthem. If not, they will be fined with a sum of money or even don’t allow to be present in this match.

This policy makes uncomfortable in many players. Almost people counter it because it expresses that players are limited the right about language. However, it should be kept without editing, therefore it receives bad feedback from sponsors.

Some big sponsors of NFL like Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Bose or Ford feel pressure from football fans and consumers when they use image of footballers in NFL for advertising while they are protesting some strict rules from NFL. As a consequence, big brands deny to use reputation of NFL for the next advertising contracts, even ending their business relationship with NFL.

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