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Brendon Todd won the Mayakoba Golf Classic

Final score of -20 after Mayakoba Golf Classic round helps 34-year-old American golfer Brendon Todd win the second PGA Tour title in just two weeks

Mayakoba Golf Classic is one day behind schedule because of bad weather. Therefore, with the goal of ending the tournament at the beginning of the week set by the organizers, the golfers who finish the third round must complete as many rounds as possible. On November 18, most of them solved the final 18 holes, except for the champions, including Brendon Todd.

In the same group, Todd, Vaughn Taylor and Harris English went through 32 holes. Todd and Taylor share the lead at -20 while English follows behind at a distance less than a stroke. On the 33rd green of the day, equal to the 15th hole of the final round, all three mark the ball position because of the darkness.

Deciding to stop right on the tee area at hole 18, indigenous golfer Carlos Ortiz is also likely to compete at -19. Adam Long is also a formidable opponent with a score of -18 and still has three holes in the scoreboard.

The next morning, Ortiz scored par and finished the goal with the point in the evening before. Despite trying to pursue, Long only accumulated one more stick in all three remaining holes and reached a final

Taylor’s ball lurched forward, came close to the crater and stopped, causing the golfer to end at -19. If it falls into the hole, Mayakoba Golf Classic will not see Todd crowned at -20 after 72 standard matches and receive a prize of nearly $ 1.3 million.

This is Todd’s second consecutive title at the PGA Tour 2019-2020, two weeks ago from the Bermuda Championship, and the third PGA Tour title in his career. Victory in Mexico will bring him a ticket to major The Masters and PGA Championship next year, while helping the American golfer jump 101 steps, ranked 83 on the world rankings.

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