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Kinds of sport fans in the world

Sports play an important role in the human life. Actually, it is a big industry when it can create revenue for athlete or organization from other sources such as tickets of fans, advertising contracts so on.

Almost spectators follow any sport competition because they love it. Or they are called as sports fans. In this article, we will refer major kinds of sport fans in the world. The statics are several classes of sport fans based on characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

1/ The Oregon Trailers

The Oregon Trailers also are known as “bandwagon fans”. They give respectful treatment for their idols before they heard about franchises.

 Once they know about championship of their idols, they will arrange time and budget to visit and cheer up. Although some travels are tough when moving from this place to another place in another city.

Some people think that their action sound cruel but they believe that they can deal with winning of their idols. They looks decisive and dysentery.

2/ The Karma Chameleon

This kind of fan is a big challenge for sports world generally because their behaviors are decided and changed on their team’s performance and results. It means that their team is winning, they will become positive and joyful with this achievement. But failure of their team can make negative thinking and action for themselves and others.

Their feeling is extremely a ruse then sometimes they can’t control their behaviors in bad cases of their idols.

3/ The Coach

Don’t surprising when coach is also a sport fan, even they are royal fans. They have passionate and hope about their team, then they can teach or share proper experience and methods to compete to other opponents.

They also understand deeply about their team from strengths to weaknesses.

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