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Arsenal captain paid for provoking football fans

Granit Xhaka must meet with the coaching staff and Technical Director of Arsenal in order to explain the provocation of supporters in the 2-2 draw against Crystal Palace on October 27.

Many Arsenal fans were booed in the stands after Xhaka was substituted in the 61st minute in a draw against Crystal Palace. In response to the criticism, the 27-year-old midfielder covered his ears, shouted, took off his shirt and threw the captain’s hat to the ground before heading straight into the tunnel.

“We will have an internal meeting about this situation. I want to listen to Xhaka when he calms down. But, he was actually wrong to do that action,” coach Unai Emery shared at the meeting. post-match report.

According to Goal, the Spanish strategist and Technical Director Edu had harsh conversations with Xhaka after the player’s ugly actions. Arsenal say they cannot let a person do that to the captain’s armband.

Many former “Gunners” also expressed disgust at the actions of the younger. “Fans are impatient with what Xhaka showed on the pitch. He owes them more than that,” Ian Wright said.

Meanwhile, Nigel Winterburn harshly commented: “It is surprising that this is an action coming from the Arsenal captain. I think Emery needs to remove Xhaka from the squad and take the captain’s armband immediately. up to 5 captains and can easily do that. Also, I don’t like the choice of captain. The coach should be the one to decide this.”

It was the election which proved that Xhaka was an influential person in Arsenal’s dressing room. Daily Mail recently revealed that Emery will let the players decide the fate of the Swiss midfielder, because he feared that the captain’s deprivation would create a negative reaction within the team.

However, the former captain of PSG is also receiving much criticism from the fans when isolating Mesut Ozil and giving the opportunity to Xhaka. The Emirates Stadium team is currently ranked 5th in the Premier League table, but the performance they bring is not really convincing.

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Ronaldo was angry because the fans grabbed his neck

Striker Cristiano Ronaldo was angry when a fan demanded to take a joint picture at the end of the match Juventus won Leverkusen in the Champions League, on 11/12.

The match at Leverkusen did not mean much to Juventus, because the Italian team was the most certain in Group D. The visitors, however, still launched the team with many good players on the field to end the hope of winning tickets to go on of the host.

Scored, but Ronaldo did not leave the field with complete joy. At the end of the match, the Juventus striker was sharing the fun with his teammate when a fan grabbed his neck to take a picture of them. Ronaldo pulled away with an angry face and shouted “Are you crazy?”. Fanatical fans were then controlled by the police, while Ronaldo frowned for a while before being comforted by his teammates.

When the match ended, a fan suddenly took the phone to run into the field with the intention of taking a picture with Ronaldo. Instead of consulting the Portuguese superstar, this person grabbed Ronaldo’s neck from behind. Juventus striker rushed out, and seemed uncomfortable with the actions of the aforesaid fans.

Ronaldo was suddenly strangled at the end of the match against Leverkusen

Ronaldo then shouted “Are you crazy?”, While the other guy is being controlled by security forces. The 34-year-old striker scowled, until teammate Gianluigi Buffon came to ease the situation.

In the match against Leverkusen, Ronaldo was twice disturbed by the fans. At the end of the match, another fan ran into the field with the intention of hugging Ronaldo, but the Juventus striker seemed confused. In the past, he had many affable times when fans approached him on the field.

Ronaldo scored a goal in the 2-0 victory over Leverkusen in the last match of Group D Champions League, helping Juventus into the 1/8 round with 16 points after six matches. Despite scoring, the Portuguese striker repeatedly proved unhappy in the match. In the match in Germany, Ronaldo missed many opportunities and was once denied a goal because of an offside error.

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Arsenal fans demanded to kick Ljungberg and call back Emery

This morning, the north London team continues to suffer another bad result in the Premier League. This time, they even lost to a small Brighton & Hove Albion (before there was never 3 points before any representative in Big Six).

Arsenal have now extended the winning streak to nine, while coach Freddie Ljungberg has only won one point after two matches, although the nearest two rivals are just poor Norwich City and Brighton is not better.

According to the pictures taken and posted by Bleacher Report Football, the Emirates Stadium fans held up placards or banners with the words “Frddie OUT”, “Ljungberg OUT, and” in Unai we trust. “(Similar to their trust in Wenger before).

Remember, before Unai Emery had to leave in the middle of last week, Arsenal fans also booed and protested him with signs on the stands with the words “no tatics, no formation, EmeryOUT” and even dismissal in Congress by writing and signing a form on paper.

Now, it is clear that Arsenal are in a state of turmoil and do not know when they will win again because they no longer scare anyone. But it is also difficult to understand when the fans there act like that, in the context that Ljungberg has only been able to take control of only two matches.

Arsenal fans are very disappointed with what happened over the years, both in terms of expertise and the backstage of the club.

The north London team continue to have another draw in the Premier League. Last time, they were held by Crystal Palace, while last night it was Wolverhampton’s turn to surprise at the Emirates. The bad results plus the backstage seem to be putting Arsenal in a crisis of confidence.

Recently, on Twitter, there has been a bad story about coach Unai Emery – who is said to be in a serious conflict with Mesut Ozil and has not allowed him to play too much since coming to power in north of London since last summer.

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Bale’s image is getting worse to Real Madrid fans

Gareth Bale was booed at the Bernabeu fans by coach Zinedine Zidane in the match of Real Madrid in the La Liga round 14.

Gareth Bale is becoming the focus of criticism at Real. After being brought on the pitch in the 67th minute, every time Bale touched the ball, the four corners of the Bernabeu stands gave boos, as well as a mocking banner aimed at the Welsh player.

The future of Gareth Bale at Real is very dim. Despite repeatedly missing Real’s games due to injuries, Bale was still able to play two full matches of the Wales team in the EURO 2020 qualifying round in the recent focus.

Bale had a celebration to upset Real fans with the banner “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In That Order”. This message can be understood as: With Bale, the first priority is the Wales team, the second is golf, then Real Madrid.

This provocation caused him to receive much criticism from Real fans. The climax was in the victory over Real Sociedad, despite a 25-minute effort to appear on the field, the former Tottenham player was still booed by the Real fans.

Even mocking banners aimed at 30-year-old players with the content: “Rodrygo. Vini. Lucas. Bale. In that order”. It can be understood that this message is that Gareth Bale is only the fourth choice for the winger position at Real, behind rookie Rodrygo.

Coach Zidane must speak out to ease the situation. Goal quoted the French coach: “I hope this will not continue. We always want our fans to stand side by side with the team. Fans have the right to do what they want, we can’t control it. Bale is a good player who wants to contribute to the team and aspire to play like other players.

With the victory over Sociedad, Real continued to share the top position of the La Liga rankings with Barcelona, ​​both teams getting 28 points after 13 matches.

In the middle of next week, Real will have a match with PSG in the Champions League. The opponent that they lost 0-3 in the first match.

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Brendon Todd won the Mayakoba Golf Classic

Final score of -20 after Mayakoba Golf Classic round helps 34-year-old American golfer Brendon Todd win the second PGA Tour title in just two weeks

Mayakoba Golf Classic is one day behind schedule because of bad weather. Therefore, with the goal of ending the tournament at the beginning of the week set by the organizers, the golfers who finish the third round must complete as many rounds as possible. On November 18, most of them solved the final 18 holes, except for the champions, including Brendon Todd.

In the same group, Todd, Vaughn Taylor and Harris English went through 32 holes. Todd and Taylor share the lead at -20 while English follows behind at a distance less than a stroke. On the 33rd green of the day, equal to the 15th hole of the final round, all three mark the ball position because of the darkness.

Deciding to stop right on the tee area at hole 18, indigenous golfer Carlos Ortiz is also likely to compete at -19. Adam Long is also a formidable opponent with a score of -18 and still has three holes in the scoreboard.

The next morning, Ortiz scored par and finished the goal with the point in the evening before. Despite trying to pursue, Long only accumulated one more stick in all three remaining holes and reached a final

Taylor’s ball lurched forward, came close to the crater and stopped, causing the golfer to end at -19. If it falls into the hole, Mayakoba Golf Classic will not see Todd crowned at -20 after 72 standard matches and receive a prize of nearly $ 1.3 million.

This is Todd’s second consecutive title at the PGA Tour 2019-2020, two weeks ago from the Bermuda Championship, and the third PGA Tour title in his career. Victory in Mexico will bring him a ticket to major The Masters and PGA Championship next year, while helping the American golfer jump 101 steps, ranked 83 on the world rankings.

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Guardiola sent a letter to thank the fans

Coach Pep Guardiola sent a thank you letter to each of the 114 fans who accompanied Man City in Ukraine.

Darren, one of the fans received, posted the letter on Twitter. “Dear Darren, on September 18, you and 113 other dedicated fans took a long trip to watch us play against Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine. I want to take this opportunity to We are happy to start the Champions League campaign with a victory.We faced a hard-to-beat Shakhtar, but I feel Man City played well, controlled the game and deserved it. Winning. Having your support in such matches is of great significance, and as I said, we are nothing without the supporters. “

Besides thanks, Guardiola also presented gifts to fans on behalf of Man City: “As a thanks, we would like to invite you to experience Tunnel Club in the return leg against Shakhtar on November 26. On behalf of the players and staff, I thank you again for your incredible support. Pep Guardiola “.

Tunnel Club is a special area on Etihad Stadium, where fans can watch the match near the coach, have the opportunity to watch players walk out of the tunnel and enjoy a great dinner with five dishes. The standard fare for fans to enter this area is about 780 USD. If buying VIP tickets for groups of 10, fans need to spend US $ 15,500.

The match on 18/9 took place in Ukraine, where Man City won 3-0. They currently lead Group C with 10 points after four matches, more than five points behind Atalanta and Shakhtar. In the match on November 26, Man City only needed to draw Shakhtar to win tickets for the 1/8 round early.

Guardiola thanked the referee after the defeat to Liverpool

Pep Guardiola, insisted that he was sincere thanks to the referee after the controversial defeat with Liverpool owner in the Premier League on 10/11.

Earlier, a live television camera showed the Man City coach twice shouting “Thank you very much” with an ironic expression aimed at the referee Michael Oliver, as he approached the referee’s handshake after the game at Anfield.

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Djokovic wins the Paris Masters

Novak Djokovic beat Denis Shapovalov junior 6-3, 6-4 in the final of the ATP 1000 tournament in Paris, November 3

Novak Djokovic 2-0 Denis Shapovalov

The victory in Paris helped Djokovic only drop to Nadal 640 points on the Race to London table – the score of players won in 2019. Serbian tennis player lost the top of the ATP to Rafael Nadal on November 4, but intact. The festival ends the year with the number one position in the world if it competes successfully in the ATP Finals.

Shapovalov was in high form when he eliminated a series of seeds at the Paris Masters, but it was not difficult for Djokovic. The Canadian player lost the first serve in the match and was led 0-3 in the first set. In all of Djokovic’s games in the first set, Shapovalov could not reach the deuce. “Nole” won the match with a score of 6-3, with a first serve rate of 83%.

In the second set, Djokovic also only needs to win the game once to win the match. When the score was 3-3, Shapovalov hit the wrong hand and could not save the break-point. The 20-year-old then had the chance to win the only game of the game, but missed.

Djokovic finally won 6-3, 6-4 to win his fifth title of the season, and was the 34th ATP 1000 title in his career. The 32-year-old is just one Masters 1000 behind Nadal, who holds a record 35 times crowned at this level.

“I think I have the best serve,” Djokovic said after an hour and eight minutes. “That’s why the match ended early. I put pressure on him at the serves and at the back of the pitch, and didn’t give him many chances. This is one of the good games. “If I continue to play well, I can win every game in the ATP Finals. I have done it, but it is always a goal that is not easy to accomplish.”

Djokovic pocketed $ 1.11 million thanks to winning the Paris Masters. If you win every match in ATP Finals – the tournament takes place from 10-17 / 11 in London, Serbian tennis players can earn $ 2.71 million and 1500 bonus points. If Djokovic wins the ATP Finals with a successful record, and Nadal cannot reach the final, Djokovic will finish the year in the number one position in the world.

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LPGA Tour has come to Taipei

81 female golfers who are currently in the top form of the world will receive a $ 2.2 million prize fund at the Taiwan Swinging Skirt LPGA event, which starts today August 31.

Taiwan Swinging Skirts LPGA takes place at Miramar Golf Country Club, par72, 6,437 yards. Here, Nelly Korda will defend the championship after winning the cup at the point -13 years ago.

The second marking tournament appeared on Hinako Shibuno’s LPGA Tour. Young talent carries the nickname “Cinderella or laugh” Champion Women’s British Open majors as an amateur golfer. After this victory, Shibuno has the right to decide to receive the official card at LPGA Tour right away or reserve until next year.

However, before starting his match in Taiwan, the 20-year-old amateur golfer who won the major said, “I don’t think I’m qualified to play in the US LPGA Tour. It’s only the first year of appearing in the domestic tournament system so I need to learn for a few years before going to the international arena. “

Besides Korda and Shibuno, this year’s list of champion titles also has 62 LPGA Tour golfer with the best performance on the prize ranking as of the end of October, 9 sponsor specials and 10 Native professional face. Notable names at the world number one Ko Jin Young, Lee6 Jeongeun, and the golfer group who have won the LPGA Tour more than once this year include Hannah Green, Brooke Henderson, Mi Jung Hur, Sei Young Kim and Sung Hyun Park.

Also in Taiwan, Ko need to record one more time to finish in the top 10 to consolidate the leading position in the title race “Reach the top 10 most of the season” and $ 100,000 in prize money. In this category, Ko is in the top position with 12 times while rival Henderson has 11 times. In case both of them have the same number, Ko still wins because they won the major more than the opponent.

However, the world’s number one golfer targets have more generous rewards. It is the trophy the CME Group Tour Championship curtain with $ 1.5 million bonus – the largest in the history of women’s professional golf. To get the ticket for this tournament, the LPGA Tour golfer must strive to accumulate points throughout the 2019 season to be in or share the 60th position on Race to the CME Globe – the ranking that Ko Jin Young is leading.

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Arsenal captain cursed fans on the way out

Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka was unable to keep his cool when he was booed by Arsenal fans on the pitch in the 61st minute of a 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace on October 27.

When the score was 2-2, coach Unai Emery replaced Xhaka with young talent Bukayo Saka – who tends to attack more. Arsenal captain is not happy with this decision.

Xhaka’s exasperation escalated when he was booed by his home fans on his way out of the yard. Xhaka swore at it “bastard” and made an act of raising his hand to his ear to tease the fans. The Swiss midfielder then took off his Arsenal shirt and went straight into the Emirates tunnel, instead of sitting with the substitutes.

Xhaka was elected Arsenal captain in late September, replacing Laurent Koscielny – who moved to Bordeaux in the summer. Right from that time, Arsenal fans opposed Mr. Emery’s decision because the 27-year-old midfielder often made mistakes.

“I don’t see the leadership qualities at Xhaka,” former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Petit told Goal. “I saw that at Guendouzi. He was one of the few players who showed that he wanted to win every match.”

Xhaka and Emery were both chilled by the “Gunners” fans, following Arsenal’s disappointing performance in the last three matches. They lost to Sheffield United, beat Guimaraes thanks to two Pepe penalties at the end of the match, and then lost points to Crystal Palace in the 10th round of the Premier League on October 27.

In the match against Crystal Palace, Arsenal led 2-0 after just nine minutes thanks to Sokratis and David Luiz. But the host to rival the city equalized 2-2 after the mistakes of the defense. The draw was arguably unlucky for Arsenal, when VAR twice made a decision that was detrimental to them. Arsenal also missed many clear opportunities in the match they launched up to 14 finishes.

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Japan changed the Olympic athletics venue because of the heat

The content of the marathon and 2020 Olympic walk is expected to be transferred to compete in Sapporo, where the weather is more pleasant than the capital Tokyo.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on October 16 announced plans to relocate the marathon and walking venues at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games to Sapporo. The city is located on the island of Hokkaido, 800 kilometers north of Tokyo, and has much more pleasant weather than Tokyo. According to the IOC, summer temperatures in Sapporo are usually 5 to 6 degrees lower than Tokyo.

Previously, to avoid the heat and harsh humidity of Tokyo summer, IOC had delayed departure time to 6am. The women’s marathon is scheduled for August 2, one week ahead of the men’s content.

Olympic organizers will discuss the issue of temperature during the meeting October 30 – November 1 in Tokyo.

“Moving the venue is one of the measures used by Tokyo, in consultation with the IOC and IAAF, to limit the impact from the temperature next summer. IOC has informed athletes to participate in the matter. export, “said the IOC. The implementation process will be discussed with all stakeholders.

Tokyo held a marathon in September, arranging tents with a nebulizer for viewers. Authorities also delayed hours for long-distance events. However, many opinions suggest that this is not enough.

According to Kyodo, the difficulty here is that Japanese Olympic officials once described the Tokyo weather in July – August as “ideal for competition” when applying for hosting.

Hot and humid weather was a nightmare for athletes at the world track and field championships held in Doha, Qatar, late September and early October. At the women’s marathon, nearly one-third of the 70 Participating athletes must give up.

Changes in time at the 2020 Olympic Games

Athletics – long distance events only take place in the evening, marathons and hiking start early in the morning.

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