Man City fans plan to oppose UEFA (Part 2)

A statement on the UEFA European Football Federation homepage said: “Based on the evidence, the UEFA Court of Justice found that Man City Club seriously violated the Financial Fair Law. from the sponsor to a break-even point, in a report submitted to UEFA from 2012 to 2016. Man City will not cooperate with the financial control agency of UEFA during the investigation process. UEFA tournament season 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, and pay a fine of 30 million euros (about 32.5 million USD) “.

The notice on homepage reads: “Man City was disappointed but not surprised by the UEFA decision. In December 2018, the UEFA chief investigator posted a forum to announce the penalty for Man City, before the fight. The investigation is initiated, investigated and convicted only by UEFA, and we are seeking help from another independent agency as quickly as possible, so we will prepare it. subject to procedures for appeal to CAS “.

Man City allegations of financial fraud stem from the German newspaper Spiegel. They said the company that owns Man City – Abu Dhabi United Group – illegally injected money for the team. At least 91 million USD they transferred to Man City under the sponsorship. UEFA considers it a fraud to circumvent the Financial Fair Law. They started investigating, then accused Man City of violating in May 2019. The case was opened, and then the Times said Man City could be banned from Champions League 2020-2021.

After being accused last year, City didn’t admit it wrong. They claimed that Spiegel used the stolen documents, and only revealed the words that were detrimental to Man City. Spiegel denies this, claiming that they get the information from a person named “John”. Not long after, “John” was discovered to be a Portuguese citizen, whose real name is Rui Pinto. Pinto is facing 147 charges of high-tech data theft, from most Portuguese teams and businesses. Pinto pleaded not guilty.

Man City have reached the knockout stages of the Champions League 2019-2020. They will meet Real Madrid in the 1/8 round.

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