Guardiola sent a letter to thank the fans

Coach Pep Guardiola sent a thank you letter to each of the 114 fans who accompanied Man City in Ukraine.

Darren, one of the fans received, posted the letter on Twitter. “Dear Darren, on September 18, you and 113 other dedicated fans took a long trip to watch us play against Shakhtar Donetsk in Ukraine. I want to take this opportunity to We are happy to start the Champions League campaign with a victory.We faced a hard-to-beat Shakhtar, but I feel Man City played well, controlled the game and deserved it. Winning. Having your support in such matches is of great significance, and as I said, we are nothing without the supporters. “

Besides thanks, Guardiola also presented gifts to fans on behalf of Man City: “As a thanks, we would like to invite you to experience Tunnel Club in the return leg against Shakhtar on November 26. On behalf of the players and staff, I thank you again for your incredible support. Pep Guardiola “.

Tunnel Club is a special area on Etihad Stadium, where fans can watch the match near the coach, have the opportunity to watch players walk out of the tunnel and enjoy a great dinner with five dishes. The standard fare for fans to enter this area is about 780 USD. If buying VIP tickets for groups of 10, fans need to spend US $ 15,500.

The match on 18/9 took place in Ukraine, where Man City won 3-0. They currently lead Group C with 10 points after four matches, more than five points behind Atalanta and Shakhtar. In the match on November 26, Man City only needed to draw Shakhtar to win tickets for the 1/8 round early.

Guardiola thanked the referee after the defeat to Liverpool

Pep Guardiola, insisted that he was sincere thanks to the referee after the controversial defeat with Liverpool owner in the Premier League on 10/11.

Earlier, a live television camera showed the Man City coach twice shouting “Thank you very much” with an ironic expression aimed at the referee Michael Oliver, as he approached the referee’s handshake after the game at Anfield.

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