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Top the greatest record in Summer Olympics all time

Here we continue to share top the records in all games of Summer Olympics. Through our ranking, you can imagine a part about history and development of Summer Olympics during seasons.

8, Mark Spitz

In the Summer Olympic in 1972 at Munich, Mark Spitz broke new series of records for swimming which made surprising and admiring for anyone.

During 8 days for competition, he could set total seven gold medals at other kind of types like the 100 meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle, butterfly, 4×100 meter freestyle, 4×200 meter freestyle and 4×100 meter medley.

The fact, in the Summer Olympic in 1968 at Mexico, he was expected to capture 6 gold medals for the American team. But he made disappointed when only having two medals.

To response love and hope for fans, he broke a new record with 7 gold medals which noone has ever reached before.

9, Rulon Gardner

During history of wrestling in Summer Olympics, the Russian always was leader all the time with all gold models.

However, in the Oympics 2000 at Syndey, the American- Rulon Gardner could change history and remark new period for pro wrestling at the USA.

In ghe final match, his opponent was Karelin who was considered as the greatest wrestler in this decade. Karelin was the most potential player for winning as history of the last Oympics seasons.

However, Gardner took down Alexander wonderfully before surprise and interest of everyone. This victory was to prove that history could be changed when you tried to reach it. Although the American team had just got experience about wrestling since the last season while the Russian team always were champions, the American could change result sweetly.

As a consequence, Gardner made new legend for wrestling at the super heavyweight.

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Top the greatest record in Summer Olympics all time

Summer Olympics is one of the biggest sport events in the world, therefore any athlete wishes and expects one gold medal in their professional career.

The fact, we have ever watched many great achievements as well records from athletes joined in Summer Olympics. 

In this article, we continue to check list top the greatest records in this event. Following to discover more impressive events about sports.

6, Birgit Fischer

At the age of 18, Birgit Fischer made so surprising when she could reach one gold medal in the Olympics games. She became a symbol for any next generation of the Germany kayak team.

But she has not yet stopped at this achievement. She came back the Summer Olympics in 2004 at Sydney. She proved that she was a strong woman when she was at 42 years old, she could still lead a young team to join the finals for kayaking. She played an important role as a captain to push her team faster and faster. They were excellent to defeat the Hungarian kayak team in the finals to reach winning.

At the end of match, she was the only player to raise her oar with spectators for their victory without being tired or exhausted.

 7, Usain Bolt 

Usain Bolt was a talented runner when he could break the record himself in 2 seasons of Olympics.

In 2008, he joined Olympics game at Beijing, China. He was great to create new record at 19.30 for 200 meters. Finally, he got clocking in 9.69. he spent total 2 gold medals.

The fact, in this season, people cared about Michael Phelp more when he reached 8 gold medals.

However, Usain continued to break his records in the next Olympics 2012 at London. This made must-see event for any spectators.

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Top the greatest record in Summer Olympics all time

In this article, we continue to share top the greatest athletes with breaking their records during the Summer Olympics all the time.

The truth that these ranking is only a small part in series of good achievements of the Summer Olympics. However, we try to collect data to have the representatives for per sport as well impressive success they already do it.

Following our analysis to access to more information about sports.

4/ Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson represents for all women athletes in the world about her effort and try to reach target and record as her expectation as well other records of men athletes.

She was a professional runner in a track and fielder from the Netherlands. She joined the London games in 1948 with series of impressive achievements.

At this age, she was being 30 years old. However, she expressed strong power as well energy to join all matches excellently. In brief, she won gold for 3 levels: 100 to 200 meter prints, 80 meter prints and 4×100 meter. These special record of the women athletes about strong willingness to overcome all obstacle and limitation. She also was vote for the Woman of the century when she was age and still supported her national team to reach the maximum of target. This valuable prize was released and taken by the International Association of Athletics Federation.

5/ Greg Louganis

In the Moscow Games 1980, he was voted for the most favorite diver. However, it was not the greatest achievement.

He made impressive in the Los Angeles Game 1984, after 4 years later. By some records, he was the greatest diver all the time.

The fact, he was the only man diver to join both the springboard event and the platform event. His score in the springboard was 754.41 which was higher than the second position with 100 points. Finally, he got total 710.91 points to become the first diver to break record.

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Top the greatest record in Summer Olympics all time

The Summer Olympics is one of the biggest events about sports all over the world. This competition attracts almost good athletes at many fields such as swimming, running, volleyball, basketball so on. 

To win a gold medal at this event is not easy. It’s more difficult to break the record of former players. However, players always focus on record to determine target. 

Despite it, there are many players still to break the records in spectacular way being out of expectation.

In this article, we collect several good records in this event. Following it to see detail about top greatest records during the Summer Olympics history all time.

1/ Flo-Jo Floors Her Foes

She was a professional runner. Her strength was 200-meter favorite. She joined the Seoul games in 1988. Then she performed excellently as a talent. She won the title at 100-meter range.

Flo-Jo Floors her foes maintained her Summer Olympic record within 10.62 seconds in 100 time and 21.34 seconds in 200 time. Besides it, she also reached two titles at wider margins, including the gold medal for 4×100 and silver medal for 4×400. 

Her achievements were during Summer Olympic impressively.

2/ Inge de Bruijn

Inge de Bruijnk is a Netherland swimmer who breaking the record at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in 100-meter butterfly. This achievement was deeply impressive for other opponents.

In the past, she also already got good achievement when reaching the second at the Sydney games only after the first swimmer with pace by 0.3 seconds. At the Sydney games, she played 2 kinds: 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle. She already got total 2 gold medals.

3/ Kenenisa Bekele

Kenenisa Bekele was a Ethiopian runner. He played at the Beijing games 2008. 

He won two races, including 5,000 and 10,000 meter races. The best record was 12:57.82 time which was the greatest record in Summer Olympics.

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Sporting industry and millions of dollars for economy

Sport is considered as a good industry up to millions of dollars to contribute to develop of economy and society. It’s completely suitable when we conclude it.

As far as you know, star athletes can earn millions of dollars from prizing, salary as well advertising contracts for big brands. Because they are talented in their sports, spectators are admiring and easy to be persuaded by brands they do as actors, ambassadors. They bring good signals to promote products, therefore many company invest budget to employ or invent them. It is natural sport players can have many source for earning.

To understand more information about connection of sporting industry and economy, you can follow our analysis.

The last previous we refer to earning money of federation in FIFA World Cup. Now, we continue to discuss it in NFL.

After FIFA World Cup, NFL is regarded as the most valuable sporting events which is voted by Forbes’s list with the capital about 379 million dollars. Furthermore, NFL is involved in politic issue so it is more noticed by fans and normal spectators.

Recently, the National football league has approved a new policy about banning footballers using a knee in the national anthem. If not, they will be fined with a sum of money or even don’t allow to be present in this match.

This policy makes uncomfortable in many players. Almost people counter it because it expresses that players are limited the right about language. However, it should be kept without editing, therefore it receives bad feedback from sponsors.

Some big sponsors of NFL like Nike, Anheuser-Busch, Bose or Ford feel pressure from football fans and consumers when they use image of footballers in NFL for advertising while they are protesting some strict rules from NFL. As a consequence, big brands deny to use reputation of NFL for the next advertising contracts, even ending their business relationship with NFL.

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Sporting industry and millions of dollars for economy

As trends and fads, sporting industry continues to dominate in media an entertainment with big revenue annually. For example, in 2017, the global sport market consumed 91$ billion dollars in total revenue. This number was only 76.1$ billion in 2013. The fact that more and more money should be invested for sports industry.

Although there are millions of sport events from many fields take place throughout the year, there are still many sponsors, advertisers and business brands to be ready to invest money then receive good feedback for their business.

To understand clearly about sporting industry, you should follow our analysis in the below, we share some roles of sport in contribution for economy.

Firstly, making report for data of the World Cup event. In general, it is the biggest festival in the global about football who attract millions of spectators from the world. To take advantage of this frame, many brands offer to advertise and sponsor for this event.

In addition sponsor for this league, sponsors also invest directly and sign advertising contracts or ask players for brand ambassador. It makes strong effect to spectators because footballers are directly the key person to brighten up in the match, so they can give good messages.

In 2011-2014 season, FIFA organization received total 1.62$ billion for the sponsorship. Whereas the number of 2015-2018 was 1.45$. It is only declined a little but it is a big number compared revenue from other fields.

Recently, FIFA tends to find sponsors and emerge with famous companies from China and several businesses from the East. It seems that they want to increase opportunity to co-operate and reach more revenues in their business. They have some worries about drop off from the West sponsors. It’s a good way because the Asian market is always a potential market for all big brands when people have many demand for consumption.

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Kinds of sport fans in the world

Sports play an important role in our life. For fans, it is a good way to relax or entertain after stress working. In addition, it is a strong belief to follow because they can learn strong willingness and tight mind from athletes.

The fact that, there are many kinds of sport fans in sports. Someone only accept to watch a live match but there are some crazy fans who are ready to go to the live stadium to cheer up players directly. Even they have to go abroad.

In this article, we continue to share kinds of sport fans we can collect.

4/ The Transplanter

The Transplanter is used to be a fan group for their hometown. By anyway, they will cheer up for their host team as diehard supporter. Even when they move to a new city, they still follow and support for the hometown team without any confusing.

They usually use social media to collect other fans to the Transplanter. They can share pictures when staying at the stadium, then sending it with message “boys…”. In general, they have adaptability.

5/ The Teacher

When you tend to discover information about a new sport, following it and the Teacher will show you detail. Called as the Teacher because they can explain all questions you are caring as real teachers.

Logging in this team, then you can understand all what it is going on. Although they have a wide range of knowledge about sport, sometime they makes uncomfortable because they talk over this game constantly.

6/ The jockey

The jockey is a sports fan who feel in love with the first sight. They are available to share loves to their athletes. They only see great performance of players, then love them. They don’t care other notorious stories around their lives.

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Kinds of sport fans in the world

Sports play an important role in the human life. Actually, it is a big industry when it can create revenue for athlete or organization from other sources such as tickets of fans, advertising contracts so on.

Almost spectators follow any sport competition because they love it. Or they are called as sports fans. In this article, we will refer major kinds of sport fans in the world. The statics are several classes of sport fans based on characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

1/ The Oregon Trailers

The Oregon Trailers also are known as “bandwagon fans”. They give respectful treatment for their idols before they heard about franchises.

 Once they know about championship of their idols, they will arrange time and budget to visit and cheer up. Although some travels are tough when moving from this place to another place in another city.

Some people think that their action sound cruel but they believe that they can deal with winning of their idols. They looks decisive and dysentery.

2/ The Karma Chameleon

This kind of fan is a big challenge for sports world generally because their behaviors are decided and changed on their team’s performance and results. It means that their team is winning, they will become positive and joyful with this achievement. But failure of their team can make negative thinking and action for themselves and others.

Their feeling is extremely a ruse then sometimes they can’t control their behaviors in bad cases of their idols.

3/ The Coach

Don’t surprising when coach is also a sport fan, even they are royal fans. They have passionate and hope about their team, then they can teach or share proper experience and methods to compete to other opponents.

They also understand deeply about their team from strengths to weaknesses.

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Man United pledged to refund the tickets to the fans

The Manchester United leadership confirmed that the team will pay the full ticket price to the fans in the event the Premier League is canceled or competes on an empty field.

According to the Daily Mail, Man United’s management will refund the tickets to the fans who bought tickets for the season, in case the Premier League is canceled or competes on the field without an audience.

The Manchester United homepage states: “The team fully supports the plan to complete tournaments such as the Premier League, FA Cup and European Cup. If matches cannot be played or played on the field. without an audience, the team pledged to refund money to the fans, or reduce the season ticket price for the 2020/21 football season. The refund will apply to both regular and VIP tickets.”

Not only confirming refunds for the fans, the Man United leadership also urged fans to voluntarily follow the instructions of the health authorities as well as the local government to join hands to combat the disease.

According to The Sun, Man United fans spend an average of £ 1.5 million per game to watch the home team play at Old Trafford. So, if the schedule remains 4 home matches without an audience, the Reds must pay a total of 6 million pounds.

The Premier League organizer says it will work with the British Government to decide the return date of the tournament as soon as possible. They claim the 2019/20 season will be completed. The tournament is expected to be postponed until April 30.

Due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe, all teams suffered losses due to completely frozen football activities. Earlier, it was reported that the Premier League had signed an agreement to allow the broadcast of all matches with BT Sports and Sky Sports until July 31. If the season ends early because of the epidemic, each team attending the tournament must compensate TV royalties up to £ 37 million, for a total of £ 740 million.

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NBA was indefinitely postponed because of nCoV

Utah Jazz team leader Rudy Gobert positive nCoV on March 11, causing the American professional basketball tournament to be postponed indefinitely.

The decision was made by the NBA organizers, one hour after the first case of nCoV at the tournament.

Rudy Gobert and his teammate Emmanuel Mudiay had to get tested right before the match against Oklahoma City Thunder. According to The Athletic, Gobert although still positive for nCoV still requires competition, due to feeling himself fit enough to enter the field.

Rudy Gobert, 2m15 tall, is the pillar of Utah Jazz as well as the French basketball team. The 27-year-old center-forward is the NBA’s best defensive player in the last two seasons. This season, Gobert made his first All-Star squad appearance.

The match between Thunder and Jazz is scheduled to take place at 8am this morning 12/3, Hanoi time. Right at the time of play, the organizers suddenly announced the postponement of the match with the reason “unpredictable”. Players of the starting teams must leave the field and withdraw to the changing room. 30 minutes later, the match was canceled when the test results of Gobert were made public. The players from both teams were kept at Chesapeake – Thunder’s home ground – to isolate.

Gobert was positive for Covid-19

Gobert rubbed his hands into the mic in the press conference room on 11/3.

While members of Jazz and Thunder were quarantined at the Chesapeake Arena, five other teams were asked by the organizers to quarantine their residence, including the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors. These are the teams that have been playing against Jazz for the past 10 days.

The incident came just a day after the NBA organizers announced that the next home games for the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco would be unpopular, fearing Covid-19’s influence.

In the NBA main season, each team plays 82 games. The best eight teams from each region qualify for the playoffs. As of today 12/3, the team with the most matches is the Atlanta Hawks (67 matches) and the team with the least match is the LA Lakers (63 matches).

There were still many games to play for the current season before it was cancelled and 4 major players that should have defined the NBA season but will have to wait and see what will happen next and when will the league continue

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